Harling Bassukarno Indonesian Modern Artists

Harling Bssukarno

Harling Bassukarno (born 6 November 1984) is a generation of Indonesian Modern Artists known as painters and muralists with the “Surrealism Decorative Modern” style with the concept of color penetration dimensions, which combines three concepts of painting styles, namely surrealism, decorative and abstract. He made the three concepts into one work which made him known as the Millennial Generation of Modern Indonesian Artists.

Images and figurations that have been mixed with cultural history with contemporary colors, make his work form a social critique of resistance to maintain an idea of ​​the concept of cultural modernization to blend with the side of modern culture.

Harling lahir di daerah randudongkal, Kabupaten Pemalang, Provinsi Jawa Tengah pada tanggal 6 November 1984 dengan nama “Harling Bassukarno”, yang memiliki seni lukis kanvas dan mural, selain itu ia juga hobi bermusik.

In 2006 he and his fellow artists working on the project Mr. Wolter from Italy, to work on 100 paintings in one month in the Randudongkal District, Pemalang Regency, Central Java.

In 2007 he worked as a final builder on a building project. In 2011 he worked as a decoration artist as a freelance worker at several event organizers in Jakarta, moving from one event organizer to another as ordered.

In 2012 he worked as a design assistant staff at the estu glass art company, one of the largest stained glass companies in Indonesia for 6 months, then he resigned because the job was too busy and he couldn’t even allocate his time to work. Finally he resigned. 

In 2013 he returned to work as a decoration artist as a freelance worker at one of the event organizers in Jakarta in making decoration concepts, making birthday party backdrops, making sculptures using styrofoam.

In 2016 he founded Harling Mural Art which aims to appreciate his own paintings through mural media by taking a little concept from the style of his painting flow, which aims to make it easier for ordinary people to get to know the world of modern art even further, he also hopes that through his mural media understandable and can be enjoyed by everyone.

In 2005 he won his first exhibition when he was still in grade 2 high school in the randudongkal area by participating in artists in the randudongkal area, Pemalang, Pekalongan whose age was much different from his age at that time. 

In 2007 he began to develop his career in Jakarta, until in 2010 he began to discover the idealistic character of his own work in the “Surrealisme Decorative Modern” style. 

Selected intervention

  • Pameran lukisan “Mengenang Bung Karno” tahun 2005 di Pekalongan, Jawa Tengah. 
  • Pameran lukisan “Tiga Kota” tahun 2006 di kawasan Randudongkal, Pemalang. 
  • Pameran lukisan “Harmony in Color” tahun 2010 di Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.
  • Pameran lukisan “Harmoni dalam Warna” tahun 2010 di Jakarta. 
  • Partisipasi dalam mural batik 2018 di Tangerang, Banten dalam rangka melestarikan budaya batik melalui karya mural. 
  • Partisipasi mural di kampus STMK Trisakti (rawasari) Jakarta Timur tahun 2018 dalam rangka acara tahunan “Treak Treakan Vol.7” International Virtual Group Exhibition “Oyster Art Gallery” “ART FOR ART” Koleksi Besar 170 Seniman Profesional dari seluruh dunia termasuk 6 Benua 65 Negara dan 155+ Kota Pada hari Kamis 10 September 2020 di Pakistan.
  • Partisipasi “BELLAS ARTES” Silaturahmi kemanusiaan melalui seni dan budaya melalui seniman visual, seni panggung, seni sastra dan seni musik dari 44 negara dipanggil untuk menghormati kehidupan dan kemanusiaan melalui kreativitas artistik, di Ekuador 30 Oktober 2020.